Replete Biography:

Replete born in the gothic port of Whitby, is an acclaimed international artist of many styles. He spent ten years working from a very early age in the computer games industry as an artist and animator. Having worked on various games including the home versions of Streetfighter 2, Road Rash and Alien 3 he then progressed into the music industry. Working on various art/music projects with such varied talented musicians as Coldcut and their record lable Ninja Tune.

For over 20 years he has been experimenting with Graffiti in all it's forms, including aerosol, hand painted, sculpted and animated. He's one of the artists featured in the best sites category, amongst the likes of Daim, Peeta and Seak on the official and most respected Graffiti site in the world.

A major player in the hip hop arena, Replete has had DJ/VJ residencies at many premiere hip hop nights including New Bohemia at the legendary Faversham.

He has had many successful exhibitions at galleries based in Leeds, London, Manchester and Barcelona, with his paintings selling around the world, from New York to Sydney.

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